Wallace’s Testimonial:

In June 2016 my husband was diagnosed with ALS. It was devastating news to say the least, and our split-level home simply could not accommodate what the future would bring.  We immediately reach out to our friends, Jennifer Crawford and John Hayes of Blackney Hayes Architects to help. Jennifer worked swiftly to develop plans for a beautiful and wheelchair functional addition to the main level of our home. We interviewed four different builders and were impressed with Jay Thuer and Ross Hellings of Hellings Builders from the start.  The Hellings bid was not only thorough, but it was received quickly and was more than competitive versus the other contractors.

Working with a builder and remodeling your home is a stressful endeavor, and we were proceeding knowing that this addition was borne from sadness, not joy. However, Ross and our onsite foreman Barry Burnell moved heaven and earth to make the project run as smoothly and quickly as possible, without giving up an ounce of craftsmanship or quality. We knew we were running against the clock, as ALS was rapidly taking away my husband’s ability to walk up and down the stairs to the bedroom and bathroom. The crew began work in October 2016 and we were able to enjoy single floor living by January 2017. Hellings removed an outdoor patio and added a laundry room, master bedroom, bathroom and an updated trek patio in its place. The crew was so considerate and cleaned up the job site each and every day. Ross and Barry were always available and were found at the house often. Barry was especially kind and caring, and he would help with anything that came up, no questions asked. The crew often anticipated before we did functionality that we might need once my husband was in a wheelchair full time.

We love our new master bedroom and will never be able to thank the team at Hellings enough for being not only skilled and efficient, but also caring. We would recommend them for any job that you might have. You won’t be disappointed.

The Wallace Family

Wedeven’s Testimonial:

“Our building a house with Hellings Builders, Inc. resulted in more than just getting the job done. Ross Hellings and his staff provided a process that synergistically pulled together the creativity of the architect, the owners and subcontractors. The outcome was well beyond expectations, and the process was most enjoyable.

After interviewing and getting quotes from other highly qualified builders, we selected Hellings Builders, Inc. based on price, experience and particularly a passion for pleasing the customer. Excellent planning and good communication allowed the owners to be engaged at a comfortable pace. Flexibility and attention to detail resulted in many features that changed the end product from good to fantastic. A Hellings house is a great place to live.”

Vern and Carol Wedeven

Kaiser’s Testimonial:

Hellings Builders, Inc. delivered an amazing product and value through a process that was smooth, efficient, and stress-free. We would absolutely hire them again. This company has high integrity and a terrific depth of knowledge of materials, design, techniques, and execution. The members were all highly skilled, highly customer-focused, well treated within the company and loyal to the company, and were given the time, tools, support, and development of skills to do an exemplary job. This is a well-managed company with a stable of highly talented people at all levels. We honestly felt that they took the same care to build our showpiece front porch that they would have taken to build it onto their own personal home. Without exception, everyone who wandered by the construction site and paused to look and have a word first stated something to the effect, “that is incredible,” then asked, “HOW did you FIND these builders?”

Roger and Donna Kaiser, Southern Chester County, PA

Baron’s Testimonial:

“There are not enough words to express just how extremely happy we have been through the entire process of building our home. Everyone involved, from Rob knocking the original house down, to the landscaper putting on the finishing touches has been thoughtful, professional and knowledgeable. You have surrounded yourselves with a wonderful team of dedicated, thoughtful people and I am certain that your company’s name will travel far through the area. There is no question we will highly recommend you over and over again; and any further projects we seek to have done will most certainly go through you. Baron’s Family Room Thank you, Ross and Barry, for helping make a dream come true. Please thank all the contractors, and also, thank Louise for us!”

Tina and Larry Baron