(New Homes)

Whether your building a new home on your lot or buying a new home in one of our communities, the building process begins long before the foundation is poured. As you move from your dream home to the real house, we will guide you through the entire process by using the 10 steps below to ensure that your experience with Hellings Buildings builders is fun and enjoyable.

  1. INITIAL CONSULTATION: At the initial consultation we will discuss the scope of your new home, budget, and the feasibility. Begin to think about how much you can afford to spend and size and style of home you want. If necessary, begin to arrange financing for your mortgage or construction loan.

  2. LOCATION: Whether you are building a home at one of our communities or you are building on your piece of ground you will always need to select the land before you select the floor plan and other details.
    1. Choose one of our lots in our communities.
    2. Build a custom home on your lot.

  3. DESIGN TEAM: A team of experts to design your home
    1. Choose one our designed model floor plans and elevations and arrange an appointment to view one of our finished models.
    2. Design a custom home with our designers and engineer on your property or ours.
    3. Design a custom home with the architect and engineer of your choosing on your property.

  4. SPECIFICATIONS: If you are purchasing a home in one of our communities the standard specifications have already been determined along with a list of optional features and upgrades. Otherwise, if your building on your property the specifications will be developed during the pre-construction planning process based on your budget, wants, needs and desires.

  5. COST, CONTRACT AND FINANCING: Again, if you are purchasing a home in one of our communities the pricing is already established but if you are building a custom home the pricing is determined once the sketch plan design, site plan, and specifications are complete as well as a purchase agreement or building contract. Then you will apply for financing with one of our recommended lenders or the lender of your choosing.

  6. CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS: (Custom Homes only). Now that the sketch plan is finalized and the cost of the home is determined the construction drawings and site plan can be confirmed and prepared for the building permit.

  7. PERMITTING: Once the grading permit plan and building permit is submitted, allow 30 to 60 days for permitting. We will begin construction as soon as the permits and your financing are approved.

  8. CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE: With the permits approved and your financing in place our Project Manager will develop the construction schedule, which list the dates for the all the tasks for construction and selections.

    1. Selections: Your choices for selections are required in chronological order according to the due dates in the construction schedule. We will provide you with a vendor contact list which list all of the showrooms and sales persons you will meet with to make selections. Our Selections Coordinator will also assist you at these appointments. Some selections will be done at the site with the Project Manager.
    2. Walk-thrus: Certain selections will require you to walk-thru the house with the Project Manager and vendor as listed on construction schedule
    3. Change Orders: You may request changes in the work. Refer to the building contract regarding the policies for change orders and allowance overruns/credits.

    Orientation Inspection – Pre-Settlement Inspection #1
    Prior to completion, you and our Project Manager will meet at your new home for an orientation and inspection 5 to 10 business days prior to completion. The purpose of this meeting is to familiarize you with the features of your new home, how the systems and equipment work, how to properly maintain the various fine finishes, and identify any cosmetic defects that need to be corrected prior to completion.

    Correction of Orientation Inspection Punch list – Pre-Settlement Inspection #2
    We will make every effort to correct all items on the orientation punch list prior to your move in. Sometimes subcontractors need to be scheduled or back-ordered materials need to be delivered, in which case you should expect completion within 30 business days unless access to your home is difficult to schedule. A follow-up of the first inspection will be scheduled the day before or the day of settlement.

    30-Day Service
    As you settle into your new home, you may discover items that may require customer service. We like to minimize the number of visits our workers make into your home once occupied so we ask that you keep a cumulative list of attention items. This way we can send a person to your home and correct everything at once.

    1 -year Service
    On both 30-day and 1-year service requests, we normally will be able to make all service requests within 15 business days.